Tele-Rehabilitation Sessions (video conferencing)

For the busy professional, parent, or retiree on the road, visits with your therapist via video conferencing can be both a convenient and time/cost effective way to stay on track with your Facial Retraining Program.  For those clients living “out of area” this is a greatly effective way of continuing your therapy without the cost and time of travel to the clinic.

Tele-rehabilitation sessions can keep you motivated and accountable to your home activity program by:

  • assuring accuracy & effectiveness of your home activity program follow-through;
  • making adjustments & updates to your home program; and
  • thoroughly addressing your questions and providing “face to face” problem-solving of issues that keep you less than fully engaged.

Following the initial assessment and training, MLC offers you a complimentary Skype video-conferencing session within 30 days to assure you have a complete understanding of your home activity program and to verify its effectiveness.  Additional Skype sessions may be scheduled on an ‘as needed’ basis throughout your course of treatment to ensure you meet your long term goals.  Costs for this service will be on a fee-for-service basis.  Please contact MLC for our fee schedule.*

For more information on how to establish a Skype Video Conferencing session with MLC, please contact our office or visit to learn more about Skype and it’s capabilities.

*  As of September 2011, most insurance carriers do not recognize, and therefore do not reimburse for, Tele-rehabilitation costs.  The cost of your Tele-rehabilitation session with MLC will reflect both the time spent and the complexity of therapy received over video-conferencing.  Clients will be billed directly or may pay by credit card for these sessions.  Please contact your insurance carrier for the most up to date policies on Tele-rehabilitation.

Disclaimer MLC does not have any financial investment nor financial relationships with Skype or its subsidiaries.