Rolfing® and Structural Integration

Prolonged hypertonus and synkinesis in the face can lead to reduced facial mobility, making the face feel tight and heavy. While regular self-massage and stretching can reduce the effects of abnormal facial tone, over time, the muscles and fascia (a tissue which surrounds the muscles, bones, and organs) of the face, neck, and upper torso can remain shorten and restricted.

Rolfers / Structural Integration Practitioners are highly skilled somatic professionals with extensive training in soft tissue manipulation. Rolfers work with the deep myofascial structures of the body, freeing restrictions or holdings in the fascia, thus allowing the muscles to move more efficiently and with less effort.

Rolfing sessions are usually performed on a massage table with the client dressed in a swimsuit or underwear. Sessions are typically 60-minutes in length. Sometimes the work is quite deep and people may experience some discomfort; however, Advanced Rolfers utilize a broad range of techniques that produce profound results with less discomfort.

Individuals with chronic facial nerve palsy experiencing hypertonus and/ or synkinesis have found significant relief by receiving one or more Rolfing sessions with experienced, Advanced Rolfers / Structural Integration Practitioners. Treatment will focus on the face, head, neck, shoulders, and upper back.

You are encouraged to visit these websites to learn more about Rolfing / Structural Integration and to find an Advanced Rolfer or Structural Integration Practitioner near you.

Below is a list of Certified Advanced Rolfers / Structural Integration Practitioners currently recommended. Your facial rehabilitation specialist is pleased to discuss your case with a Rolfer of your choosing to facilitate a beneficial and rewarding experience.

San Diego, California: Steve James 858-459-6576

San Francisco, California: Neal Powers 415-668-5332,

Portland, Oregon:  Ron McComb 503-226-7653,

Seattle, Washington:  Ron McComb 206-790-5718,