Why Choose MLC?

Why should I come to Movement Learning Center for my facial retraining?

Whether you have just experienced your first attack of Bell’s palsy, or have undergone a reanimation procedure for facial paralysis, Movement Learning Center (MLC) can help you achieve the maximum return of facial function and expression.  MLC is not a typical physical therapy clinic:

  • MLC’s specialty is the treatment of facial palsy.  This is the sole focus of our practice.
  • All of our attention is directed toward staying current with the latest advances in the field of facial Neuromuscular Rehabilitation (FMNR) and the retraining of facial function and expression.
  • Your therapist is highly trained in fNMR through post-graduate education and study.
  • MLC teams up with both local physicians, or your physician(s) of choice, to provide cohesive and comprehensive facial care.
  • All your sessions are private, personalized, and delivered one-on-one by the same facial rehabilitation specialist who performs your detailed evaluation.
  • Sessions are designed to assure that you have a comprehensive level of knowledge and skill required to successfully carry out your home activity program with confidence and full understanding.
  • Coaching between clinic sessions is available to keep you accountable and motivated.
  • Out of area clients may receive treatment sessions in the privacy of their own home via video conferencing.
  • MLC listens to your needs, not just the parameters dictated by your insurance company, when scheduling your sessions & providing treatment.

Movement Learning Center’s mission is to deliver the highest standard of care to help you ­achieve maximum return of facial expression & function.